Bsbpmg511A - Manage Project Scope

BSBPMG511A - Manage project scope
  Why is it necessary to collect requirements prior to developing a scope     Management plan?

Collecting the requirements is required before developing the scope management     plan as it does set the conditions for a successful project. It is a way of     defining what the stakeholders needs are to the projects objectives. By ensuring that all the required information for project such as correct
Quantified documentation and Data is captured and relevant to the clients and     / or sponsors need and expectations align. The devil is in the details and it     is important that ALL the details are captured and reviewed.
All the Information needs to be reviewed analysed and recorded so that the   Information is accurate at the commencement of the project execution phase.   The requirements then become the foundation of the WBS COST SCHEDULE RESOURCES   AND QUALITY is all reliant on the requirement being captured and reviewed.   The requirements need to capture the client expectations this is generally   the start of the project charter and stakeholder registers

2.   What is considered to be authority in a project?
  Authority is the ability and approved power granted to project individuals   (Possibly by their position) so that they can make final decisions. There are   Various degrees of Authority and generally it is in the position held provided   The ability to determine if they can proceed or not, which in turn enable   decisions to be made by the authority rather than go through   companies have to get an answer form someone who will no doubt over analyse   it.

The Authority is generally outlined in the project scope and provides a level of command for what can and can’t be done / approved generally known as delegation. This in turn outlines to the individual department or team     responsibilities what they can or can’t do.

  3.   What stakeholders can be...