Program Evaluation

Elizabeth Ruffin
DQ 1 Week 6
December 13, 2011
There are several necessary elements needed for an effective program plan.
The first element is the idea or the “why”. The first stages of the planning process should include the answer to why the program is needed. Answering this question will explain who the target population is and allow for a needs assessment of the problem that exists.

After identifying the problem the program planner needs to list all objectives and goals that a program wants to implement. Involving the target population in the planning process gives the program planner a personal testimony to why the program would help.

The planning process should answer the questions of why the program is needed and how it will be implemented. The grant proposal is a written program plan that is developed to gain financial assistance from a source that supports the proposed services. While planning the program it would be a good idea to also include who will be responsible for the delivery of services such as staff members and other logistics.  

A well written grant proposal will explain how activities from this program will benefit the target population and will also explain how the staff plans to use the funding provided to better assist those in need of the program.

In conclusion a well written grant proposal will explain fully and clearly how the actions of the staff and the funding from supports will improve the conditions of those that need the assistance.