Programs and Evaluations

Program Planning and Evaluation
By Priscilla Peterman
February 23, 2014
Instructor: Arin Norris

              For improving a program already in place or even structuring a new program, the blue print is program planning. Gathering information through research, setting up objectives in order to meet goals or making goals is what program planning is all about. The program planning includes: 1. information concerning the budget and 2. what the costs will be to provide the services for the particular program.
              The program planning also includes: 1. information about where there is a problem, 2. the targeted population and where it is demographically located, 3. and exactly what is the problem. The staff and clients are involved in the program planning with the collection of information. In the process of program planning, there needs to be determination as to what obstacles the program might encounter, as well as how, to work around these obstacles.
              Since program planning is the blue print, there needs to be thorough and careful research. It ends up with a product very well organized and built to end up with a great finished product. For future planning of programs, making changes for needed improvement and collection of data is where the program evaluation comes into play.
              With program evaluation, the staff can look at different programs. These determine the strong points, along with the weak points needed to be made stronger. It is very critical in program evaluation to keep things running smoothly and provide the clients along with the community, the program services they need. Both program evaluation and program planning; go hand in hand, so as to make a program efficient and effective.
              Program evaluation and planning does not stop because the program is running well. There will always be changes needed to be made. The number of clients always increases the demands and it becomes a...