Scenario Evaluation Plan

|WK 5 Assignment: Scenario Evaluation Plan                                                        

      Peace Domestic Violence agency is dedicated in serving its population with the relief protection and safety. The agency provides the community with ways to combat domestic violence or to keep domestic violence from happening. The program is available to everybody who could be exposed to violence whether it’s domestic violence, rape or abuse. The family centered agency thrives on helping the community through education, prevention and inspiration.

      In order to continue making a difference Peace Domestic Violence Agency must be able to evaluate the program in order to insure that the program is working according to planned such as making sure that the budget is right on track or to check the effectiveness of a program or in this case an agency.   The mission, goals and objectives are the foundation to the Peace Domestic Violence Agency and the evaluation’s main goal is to ensure that it continues being this way. The evaluations are also done to check if any changes should be made to the program in order to enhance the outcomes of the agency. In other words, evaluations are done in order to enhance the quality or quantity of the services provided at an organization or in a business.

      In this paper the evaluation plan that we will be discussed concerns the Peace Domestic Violence Agency. The following information will be for the sole purpose of creating and establishing an evaluation plan that will impact the agency’s outcome in a very positive manner. The information used will be provided by Peace Domestic Violence Agency and will be mostly constructed of the programs goals, objectives and missions as well as the results that would like to be achieved.

      The process evaluation plan will consist of reviews from the population that is served. This includes: youths, children, and adults that are served at the agency. In order to get their...