What professionalism means……..

Professionalism can be defined in many different ways and from many different perspectives. As defined it can said professional   is an awareness of the conduct, aims and qualities defining a given profession, familiarity with professional codes of ethics, patient professional interaction, and patient rights   Professionalism means being the very best you can be. This set of values is conveyed to everyone around you and your workplace both on and off the job. Additionally, your attitude is also a direct reflection of who you are. Moreover, the way you treat your co-workers is a mirror reflection of your level of professionalism. Another prime example would be what you say about your company, medical program or workplace while away from the site will give other’s a great insight into your professionalism. In reality almost everything you do is a reflection good or bad.
There are many aspects to professionalism. It is important to understand that professionalism is verbal and it is nonverbal it can also be physical or non physical. The impact of the first impression speaks volumes of a person and is not easily erased. So it is always important to be your best and project yourself in a positive manner. Within thirty seconds people will from an opinion of who they think you are.   A professional must also realize nonverbal cues speak volumes also about who you are. This would include the way you dress your apparel does it fit properly is it too tight, does it match, is it clean and pressed, is it appropriate for the situation? Another area of interest is mannerisms, for example body language. How close do you stand to one another, do you stand confidently or slouching? Eye contact is another big category, do you look at someone when there talking to you, do you pay attention? Facial expressions also are huge do you smile a lot or frown, do you look puzzled or knowledgeable. All these characteristics install confidence in the minds of the...