Professional Development

This essay is based upon a lesson plan I delivered to my group and the reason why
I developed the plan.
The group consist of four female students the age of 18 and 19 plus who all  
When the girls were in year ten they decided to take hairdressing as an optional
subject which would be part of their educational program.
They stayed on at school and progressed through level one two and three each
completing a City Guild   Award in Hairdressing.

All my learner have different learning styles which I took into consideration when

planning the lesson, although I did not want to label Individuals, equality is important,

I tried to adapt different learning styles to suit their own Individual needs.

From my own experience the way we learn changes through experience and how we
develop can change our ways of learning.
I looked at the Honey and Mumford’s (1992) learning styles their approach to
learning the   four styles they use are;
  * Activists; like taking a risk, drama and excitement I reflect this style to the student who wants to own her own salon.
  * Reflectors; like time to stand back and consider situations this style goes to the student who cannot really decide just what she wants until she has completed the program.
  * Theorist; Like to pay attention to details and take the logical systematic and objective approach this style goes to the student who want to go to university.
  * Pragmatists; enjoys demonstrations and practical sessions this student will enjoy teaching and demonstrating her knowledge to other student  

The students had reached their goal; It was now time for them as individuals to
decide what career path was the best way forward after long discussion and
research into specific areas each student produced different progression routes to
meet their expectations, university salon owners and prospective teachers.
The students decided to stay on at school in an environment which they enjoyed to
complete the...