Personal and Professional Development Guide


Why training is important?

- it’s a critical success factor in building a competent workforce to provide good quality and improved services
- to ensure your health, safety and welfare at work
- to encourage your personal development
- to ensure the Home Care service meets national requirements
- to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out your role
- to gain experience and accumulate knowledge which then can be shared with others

How to arrange training for your personal and professional development?

- it’s a legal requirement that staff receive supervision and are given a personal development plan for ongoing training
- your supervisor will work with you to decide on the types of training that will benefit you most
- be prepared to actively maintain your own knowledge base and to ensure that your practice is in line with current thinking and new theories as you will be required to participate in follow-up/refresher courses as necessary

Why supervision and appraisal are an important part of care work?

- to help an organisation to provide a quality service for service users and also to promote the professional and personal development of its workers
- supervision can help workers overcome problems or potential difficulties through consultation and discussions
- to make sure your practice is to required standards of care and that all staff can perform to the best of their ability and potential
- to meet organisation objectives and to encourage their own development
- provides opportunities to monitor work, provides feedback, identifies areas of stress and gives advice and guidance to staff

How to arrange supervision and appraisal in your work place?

- it’s an organisation policy that Care Assistants will receive one to one supervision four times a year
- session dates and content are to be planned in advance on regular basis