Product Branding

MMGP: Product Branding
      Bruce Mays
      Liberty University
      BUSI 520
      Dr. Kendrick Brunson
      November 24, 2014

Brand Elements
      The brand elements that would be most useful for differentiating the product of Tyson Foods from their competition are memorable, meaningful and transferable brand elements.   Utilizing the brand elements of memorable and meaningful will build the brand of Tyson Foods.   This brand element will convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience of Tyson Foods (Goodson, 2012).   This will add value to the company because Tyson Foods is well known and they are more than just a product and name in the poultry industry.   The brand element transferable will help leverage and preserve brand equality against challenges from Tyson Food competitors (Kotler & Keller, 2012).   The brand element transferable is a defensive brand element choice criteria.   Appropriating the transferable brand element will employ a defensive role in the brand elements.   This should maintain the equity of the brand and preserve the brand in the face of various opportunities and constraints (Francis, 2010).   This section will provide an elaboration of the brand elements memorable, meaningful and transferable and why using them will differentiate the product of Tyson Foods from their competition.
The first brand element is memorable.   The shortness of the Tyson Food name and the color combination of the logo makes the brand recognizable and easy to recall.   Perdue Farms is one of Tyson Foods chief competitor and they, like Tyson Foods, have a short logo name but the color of their logo is blue.   The University of British Columbia conducted a study that showed that between red and blue, red groups did a better on test of recall and attention to detail   (Belluck, 2009).   Tyson Foods logo with a short name and color sequence will appeal better to the consumer because of the brand awareness.

The second brand...