Process Flowchart

Running head: Process Flowchart

Week 1: Process Flowchart

March 1, 2010

University of Phoenix

I am currently employed with an integrative medicine clinic in New Mexico. I work in the clinical portion of the clinic and I perform several tasks each day. One task that I perform on a daily basis is performing reminder calls. Confirmation calls have to begin at 9 a.m. I would confirm or remind patients of their next day appointments. In the reminder calls I would mention the date, time, provider, and other pertinent information for their appointments. Performing reminder calls is something I would like to spend less time doing. The program that is utilized for maintaining provider schedules and patient scheduling is known as IDX.

Factors that can affect the process is other calls that I receive when making the confirmation calls or other questions that may be addressed when you call the patient. This would add on additional time for confirmation calls that need to be completed. To measure the process time will be measured in terms of minutes.

Remind patients of time, date, provider, cancellation and no show policies

Begin reminder calls after 9am

Review patient lists for all providers

Print all provider schedules for next day appts

For patients who live locally – “9” should be dialed to place calls

If patient confirms it should be indicated with “P/C”

For patients who live outside the cite the long distance code should be used

If an appt is canceled it should be indicated with “CX’d”

If a voice message is left it should be indicated with “LVM”

If an appt should be cancelled in IDX as well