Group Assignment

Kudler Fine Foods: Automated Process of Accounting Information Systems

Learning Team A

Melanie Barnes, James Corradino, Carmelita Quito,
Heather Romano, & Shawndele Stafford
Accounting Information Systems/ACC542
Richard E. Westbay
May 22, 2010

Characteristics of the system that support the recommended course of action

      Kudler Fine Foods is similar to any other business. Kudler uses payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory processes. Kudler would like to improve these four processes by incorporating the use of accounting information systems (AIS).   The business must decide whether to purchase industry-specific software or develop customized software that fits their business to the tee.   As a team of the accounting firm, we will recommend and describe the course of action that Kudler Fine Foods should take.   It has been recommended that Kudler develop customizable software.   Kudler Fine Foods is very different from the others in its industry, and industry specific software may be too specific to those other businesses.   Therefore,

With Kudler Fine Foods incorporating an accounting information system, this will bring expansion to their accounting operations.   Smith Systems Consulting will add value to the accounting operations of Kudler with the installment of its Retail Enterprise Management System; this system is sure to bring expansion, as well as productivity to the company.   Also, the REMS will add tremendous value to the company by infusing structure within the finance and accounting department.

General Ledger Module:

The general ledger module provides extensive functions ranging from chart of accounts to budget reporting.   The chart of account function provides a list of all accounts within the AIS.   The transaction detail provides all transactions by any number permutations such as store, department, etc.   The financial reporting function gives balance sheet detail, income statement detail, and statement of...