Flow Charting

Week One Flowchart Process Design
During the process of an average week, most of us do the same thing-getting ready for work on a daily basis.   For those of us who have children, this process or routine becomes more challenging.   It is becoming more and more difficult for me to get my children ready for school and make preparation for me to get ready for work and make it on time.   In order to see where most of my time is being spent in the mornings.   I will design a process flowchart to become more efficient.   By mapping out a process flowchart diagram, it will clarify my understanding where most of my time is being spent.  
The following items listed below are factors that affect the process design:
  1. Do I have a clean and ironed outfit that is ready?
  2. Have I prepared my lunch for work?
  3. Is the children’s lunch prepared?
  4. Do the children have cleaned and ironed clothes ready for school?
These four steps have the most affect and time it takes me to get ready and prepare for work in the morning.
There are other items that I perform in the morning in preparation for work that have minimal impact on the efficiencies of the process of getting ready for work, that are not included in the flowchart which are:
  1. Take a shower
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Shave
  4. Comb hair
  5. Put on clothes and shoes
The following times listed are data collected during week one:
  1. Monday time expended = 20 minutes
  2. Tuesday time expended = 25 minutes
  3. Wednesday time expended = 35 minutes
  4. Thursday time expended = 30 minutes
  5. Friday time expended = 45 minutes
Total time expended in week one was 1 hours and 55 minutes.   Each day shows a fluctuation, based on the tasks that needed to be done in order to get ready for work.   If a task was not done the night before, then it needed to be done the day of work.
The metric that will best measure this process design is time.   In order to identify and improve the efficiency of...