Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care.

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care.

- Physical abuse involves bodily contact in an aggressive manor.
- Sexual abuse involves an individual forcing another individual in to undesired sexual behaviour.
- Emotional/physcological abuse involves saying something that upsets or annoys someone else.
- Financial abuse involves an individual taking control of another individuals money without their consent, as well as telling them what they can and cannot buy.

- Institutional abuse typically occurs when hospitals or care homes are ran to benefit the staff and not the patients.
- Self neglect is when an individual does not look after themselves or is unable to.
- Neglect by others is when family members, care workers or medical staff are not providing adequate care.

1.2.   Physical abuse:   - Injuries the shape of objects
                                      - Bruises in unusual places
                                      - Burns in unusual places
                                      - Multiple fractures
                                      - Fear
                                      - Change of behaviour
                                      - Tearful
                                      - Withdrawn
Sexual abuse:   - Soreness when sitting
                          - Genital bleeding / tears/ bruises
                            - Sexualised behaviour
                            - Shame
                            - Depression
                            - Withdrawn

Emotional & physcological abuse: - Low self esteem
                                                              - Anxiety
                                                              - Lack of confidence
                                                              - Decreased ability to communicate
                                                              - confusion...