Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

Indicators of physical abuse can be both behavioural and physical changes. Some indicators in behaviour may be that any injuries they have been sustained are unexplained or the explanation that have been given are just implausible and do not add up. The victim of the physical abuse may be taken to several different medical centres to be seen to avoid links been made about consecutive visits. Physical indicators of abuse may be; dislocations, sprains or fractures and broken bones; obvious bruises on the skin which are unexplained and which are very rarely accidental bruises. These may be marks in places like; bilateral bruises to the arms (may indicate that the person has be shaken, grabbed or restrained), bilateral bruising of the inner thighs (may indicate sexual abuse), “wrap around” bruises that encircle a person’s arms, legs or torso (may indicate that the person has been physically restrained). Multi-coloured bruises (indicate they were sustained over time), injuries healing through “secondary intention” (indicating that they did not receive appropriate care), and sighs of dramatic hair and tooth loss.
Short term affects of physical abuse can be physical and emotional. From being abused physically, it can lead to people having physiological problems. The victims may start to withdrawn themselves socially as they do not feel that they can be in social situations, especially with the abuser. They may also suffer from marks or bruises on their body; these can be very painful for the victim and in some cases they may have been that badly abused they may have dislocated or broken joints and bones. These are all short term effects as they usually can be sorted or heal fairly quickly, however they are still very harmful and can cause significant pain to the victim.
The long term effects of this type of abuse can also be either physical or emotional; the victim may have long term emotional difficulties as they may find it hard to be able to trust an...