How an Irish clothing retailer is going to conquer the BRIC countries 2015

Course:       Business Laws in BRIC countries
Professor:   Ligia Maura Fernandes Garcia da Costa

Authors:     Beatriz Adriana Lopez
          Jana Reuther
          Leoni Bourgeois
          Mangesh Sharma
          Sanna Gustavsson


The acronym “BRIC” was coined in 2001 and represented the most important economical and political grouping of the time. The term, containing the countries Brazil, Russia, India and China, represents the major economic players also of today, 14 years after its creation. These emerging countries comprise more than half of the globe’s population with rapidly growing economies, implying the great potential that lies in their purchasing power and development. However, the countries are not only geographically dispersed but are also governed in very different manners. Each country has its own set of laws, culture and business environment, making the business opportunity different depending on the strategy of the company (Costa, 2012).
This report aims to discuss potential entry strategies for doing business in the different BRIC countries from the perspective of Primark, a clothing retail chain that is yet not represented in any of the BRIC countries.
First, this assignment will give short introduction about Primark and its precedent entry strategies. Accordingly, each BRIC country will be analyzed in order to state what strategy is the most compliant in the case of Primark. Thereafter a recommendation for Primark will be given in what sequence it should expand its operations in the BRIC countries.

  Overview Primark

Primark is a clothing retail store chain that opened its first store in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland, and has today over 270 stores in nine countries around Europe and one store in the United States (, 2015). The chain provides products such...