Purpose of Different Business Organisation, Their Ownership, Size and Scale.

• What do they do?
Leicester College is one of the largest colleges in the United Kingdom and is a major provider of further education to young people, adults and employees in Leicestershire, it has a reputation for excellence both locally and nationally.
They offer a huge selection of courses and qualifications in various subjects.
The College not only has been awarded Founder College status of the National Skills Academy for Creative and Cultural Skills but also is an Associate College of De Montfort University as well as part of Leicester University’s College and University Liaison Network.
• What industry are they in?
Leicester College is an example of tertiary type of business. They provide service, having on offer many courses from entry level to University Degree with an emphasis on vocational learning as well as academic achievements.
As well as offering education, Leicester college also provides wide range of student, staff and members of the public services, like ‘hospitality and catering’, ‘hair and beauty therapy salon’ or ‘travel shop’. The college facilities include as well day nursery, sports hall and library.
• Is their business for profit or non-profit?
Leicester College is a state undertaking with an annual budget of £51 m. Although some people pay for their courses, the business is generally financed by the government from the taxpayers money.
It is as well worth mentioning, all the special materials or books for the learners are provided at cost – the amount charged is just enough to recover the cost of providing goods or service without making a profit.
• Ownership
As I mentioned before, Leicester College is an example of a state undertaking, within a public Sector. It is being controlled by the trustee – in this case a Principal Maggie Galliers, on behalf of the government.
A public body dealing specifically with this kind of business is the Department for education, overseen by the Minister   -...