Preparing Our Youth for Leadership in the 21st Century

Preparing Our Youth For Leadership In The 21st Century

How do we prepare our youth to be leaders?

Each one teach one.   This should not to be interpreted as teachers being those of us teaching who are in traditional classrooms in a structure that children frequent daily, being dropped off in the morning and picked up in the late afternoon.

Teaching is leading by example.   We are all teachers.

Our youth should be our apprentices.   Any education takes years of practice.   We teach our youth many affirmations.   Affirmations mean nothing if we don’t follow them up with something tangible for our youth to see.   We should all commit to taking on an apprentice for at least seven years.  

Show your apprentice how you interact with the community.   Teach how important it is for them to be committed to their community.   Teach them your crafts. These apprenticeships if done correctly should lead to young apprentices becoming entrepreneurs and strong community leaders.  
Character building begins at an early age.   Ones reputation will carry them through all walks of life.

Our youth should aspire to be C. P. A’s, Para Legals, Engineers, Politicians,   Doctors and Lawyers,   but while they prepare (in the academic arena, ) for their chosen professions they should also (through apprenticeships) learn a skill or craft that will enable them to help maintain a family and community.

There are   many Entrepreneurs in our community.

My home improvement technician is a Math teacher in a public high school, his wife works for the DMV as a claims adjuster during the day.   In the evenings and on weekends she is a beautician.    

Both received on the job training in their entrepreneurial area from a member of their community while growing up.

Take you child to work day is not enough.   We must take control over the youth of today so that they will be able to lead our people in the future.   We must work to build leaders that are in control of themselves and able to...