“Discuss a Vision for the Future of Education and Schooling in the Context of the Opportunities and Challenges for Schools in the 21st Century.”

“Discuss a vision for the future of education and schooling in the context of the opportunities and challenges for schools in the 21st century.”

This essay will take a candid look at the prospects of education in the future by considering the impact of educational change on teachers, pupils and the wider community. It will reflect on the dynamics of school as a community, and how society will have a major impact on the structure of education. This will be supported by the types of learners that education will support; looking at how we will assess the next generation. Finally the relevance of the curriculum will be highlighted, addressing the structure and how this will have a bearing on the type of assessment and the type of learner present in the future.

Destiny is in our hands and our future depends partly on the prosperity of the area in which we live,   crime and unemployment levels, and other factors which influence us such as parents and peers. We live in a society that is more nomadic than it has ever been, families migrate to new areas bringing cultural or religious differences that we may struggle to understand. There are socio-economic backgrounds to consider and ethnic differences that cause friction and anxiety. The Diversity and Citizenship Curriculum Review published in February 2007 states that:
‘We passionately believe that it is the duty of all schools to address issues of ‘how we live together’ and ‘dealing with difference’ however controversial and difficult they might sometimes seem.’

The rationale aims to include everyone by creating a sense of belonging so that you feel proud to be a part of the community.   This may involve other schools (clusters), clubs, organisations and events that have to be attended.   Community cohesion is a priority for all successful schools and there are various ways to achieve this. Celebrating people’s differences and embracing similarities so that everyone, irrespective of culture, religion or...