How Have Changes in the Marketing Mix Affected Café Culture in the 21st Century?

For the marketing people the definition of Marketing is summarized into putting the right product to the right person, in the right place, at the right price and time (McDaniel and Gates, 2003). The marketing mix is a powerful combination of tactics used by a business to achieve its objectives by marketing its products effectively to a target customer group.   However, it is the way that the customers perceive these tactics that is responsible for the formulation of a culture around the product.

More specifically, as far as the coffee marketing mix is concerned, the coffee product becomes the Customer Value. The price of the coffee is the monetary cost to the customers, Place, depicts the convenience that a customer can find the coffee that they prefer and its availability. Promotion is seen as the way coffee companies communicate with their customers, and increase the attractiveness of their products. Process on the other hand, is for the consumer the effort that they have to make, which could be   the waiting time and the fast service in a coffee shop- important attributes in the 21st century, due to the increasingly fast pace of life. Also people in a café depict for the customer the quality of service, which has to be adjusted to the image of the company. Finally, physical evidence as created from the logo and the brand image of the coffee company -the sign that promotes awareness of and loyalty to the brand together with the architecture, created atmosphere of the coffee shop and those are connected to the personality reflection.

But how the café culture in our century has been affected upon the change in the marketing mix that coffee companies have created? The word ‘coffee’ does not (bring in mind) implies anymore the once inky- black coffee pumped with frothy milk. Instead consumers have increased their sophistication in coffee drinking and indulge in more complex pleasures of brewed coffee. For this shift primarily responsible are the coffee outlets...