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Peak PR On Top of Ingenuity

  Peak PR was established in August 2010. The name, Peak PR, was chosen because of the teams’ desire to excel to the top of the industry, much like the peak of a mountain.   Peak PR provides innovative business solutions using public and community relations, marketing, advertising and branding resolutions proven invaluable to clients globally. The five Peak PR leaders have diverse professional backgrounds in communications, marketing and sales as well as bachelor’s degrees in Public Relations from the University of Central Missouri.   The experience and education as a team is what makes Peak PR at the top of the public relations industry.

  Abby Huff, CEO, has been an entrepreneur in the beauty industry for more than six years, working as a stylist and salon owner as well as consultant to young professionals on marketing and business development.   Along with experience as a business owner, Huff is heavily involved in marketing and communications for a global transactions management corporation.   Through Huff’s skills the corporation has reached out to audiences with more efficiency than before.   Huff has been vital to editorial content that has been publicly provided to industries the organization serves including a white paper that was featured on a nationally syndicated radio talk show.   Huff’s professional background, along with her Bachelor of Science in public relations and marketing from the University of Central Missouri, provides Peak PR with the means necessary to lead the team to the top, taking clients’ issues and developing contemporary solutions that improve not only the client’s revenue, but brand awareness and overall public opinion of the organization.

  Christine Martin, marketing director, received her Bachelor of Science in public relations from the University of Central Missouri.   While in school Martin worked with the Southwestern Company receiving more than four years of direct marketing, sales and public...