The Winners & the Losers

Cultural Content Producers and The Media must receive fairly negotiated compensation for
their labours. Through the system we are proposing -- an advertising funded royalty system that
is accountable and fully transparent, down to the penny -- the media, the artists and the holders
of the copyright for original material generate royalties paid for by advertising.
In addition, for mainstream and for exotic or esoteric content, having the ability to profile your
audience on demographic, geographic, psychographic and frequency of patronage levels,
provides the marketing backdrop for selling to consumers their "personal copy" of the work, the
original copy of the work or for building attendance at local events and concerts.
Not only does the current business structure continue to work for artists and the content
production industry, there will be new opportunities for emerging and regional artists to build
audiences and make a living in part through ad royalties. The current "networks" will survive and
thrive only if they efficiently re-package content. The payoffs are huge. A stable industry is the
Advertisers & Sponsors must receive better assurances about the targeting of their
advertising and better data on which to base their marketing investment decisions. Marketers
want to profile their current and prospective customers in order to craft meaningful sales
messages, ones that will resonate with enough individuals to support the business. Although
marketers appear unwilling or constitutionally unable to understand that advertising is only
tolerated, they still require solid data about consumers and they are willing to pay for it - big
Many marketers embraced the idea of creating mass-customized advertising messages. While
it may sound like an oxymoron, technology has allowed for great advances in making it happen
- when they have the right information.
explicit, complicit advertising provides advertisers with higher quality,...