Power of Love and Relationships
Ryan Lewis
Steve Lazarre
PSY301: Social Psychology

If you or anyone have ever been in a relationship then you must have experienced attraction and some form of love. In life there are moments in time where we all wonder how other people have stayed together so long. How are they happy and what attracts them to each other. Time flies by and we question ourselves of what did we do to deserve the heartbreak or even happiness. There is a trick towards this and we all push this away from understanding it. In order to for various relationships and many more things become factors that stands out contribution on forming love and relationships.   But we also need to comprehend, perceive and understand the different types of love that we recognize in life. Ranging from love, life, family and friends plus partners are key. Once the ability of to distinguish the different levels we notice that the forms of love can assist us from turning the wrong determination of great opportunistic partners and more.
Now, attraction is a slick and tricky concept to fly understand. There are moments where we are physically attracted towards someone. The initials setting or moment of awareness is true and false. The eye catches the signal and something that they want to acquire to chase after. Ranging from the eyes, lips, hair, all the way to physique of the body. Many factors are key towards guaranteed of six attractions. Have you ever had a best friend of the opposite sex or same where disagreement between you two was an issue? This can even be a stranger and this is rather common. It is in part due to the mere-exposure effect which is our tendency to like people more when we are exposed to them on a regular basis (Myers, 2010). The establishment of connection throughout a friendship bond is a frequent exposure. This a bond where both party grows and can become stronger where in time an attraction is promoted beyond things. The physical...