Globalization Does Have a Positive Effect on China

Section: 32     CRN: 771   Student ID: 1167348   Name: SUN Kexun(Sophie)

TOPITC: Globalization does have a positive effect on China

The argument for globalization emerged as soon as China carried out its Reform and Opening-up Policy, and with a greater degree of China’s involvement in the global market, the discussion has been enduring and getting heated. Its export occupies a terrific position in the world market, but faced with the imposition of restrictions from other countries at the same time, like the case of the special protectionist tariffs on tire imports from China, conducted by President Obama; China also provides a permissive market for foreign productions and its own consumers, which, however, may threaten its domestic enterprises. As a result, China is confronted with both benefits and attacks from outside world, and many people argue that the harm of globalization is much larger than its benefit. Here we are going to argue that the trend of globalization has had mainly a positive influence on China in both economic development and democratization in political domain.

Firstly, huge economic progress has been made after China entered into global market. As Chow recorded, “the total volume of exports and imports increased from 20.64 billion US dollars in 1978 to 1.1 trillion US dollars in 2004”(Chow, 2005). From the increasing numbers we can see that China really benefits from globalization in both exports and imports. The exports, which include hardworking talents and inexpensive manufactures, can not only increase the employment,(7.5 million jobs are created due to exports in 2000-2005 (Feenstra, 2007).) but also make the most of domestic human resources in exchange for other better resources or productions. As China has the comparative advantage in manufacturing, she must acquire more other goods than through producing them alone (Chow, 2005). In turn, the imports of China also benefit her a lot in economic development. For example, China also...