Adults Are Obsolete Children

Adults are just obsolete children, a quote by Dr. Seuss, shows the author’s contempt of growing older. He believes that once children reach adulthood, they are no longer as happy, spontaneous and fun-loving. Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theodore Seuss Geisel is famous for his children’s stories relating to issues of the real world.
I do not agree with this quote. My family is full of fun-loving adults who still appreciate a good laugh. The adults in my family approach holidays, sports, vacations and other activities with child-like exuberance. They have also surrounded themselves with friends who act and behave as they do. One of my mother’s favorites quotes is “Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” While they understand their responsibility in raising my brothers and me, they also understand the importance of being happy. When the Hays and Bruces are gathered together, there are plenty of child-like shenanigans and hearty laughter.
I also have a number of adult friends who participated with me last summer during my training with Paul Lacoste Sports. I can truly say that we laughed and had fun even while we were physically pushing ourselves. Some of the comments and expressions that came from that experience still make me laugh. I respected these adults not just for the example they were setting, but also for the sense of humor they brought to the situation.
In today’s world, the participation of adults in the lives of children is so important. Adults have faced the obstacles we are now facing. I find it very easy to relate to my parents and my other relatives because they are anxious to share with me their own experiences. They are eager to reveal their mistakes so I can make better decisions. Their experiences could never be obsolete because those experiences are used as a teaching tool for the next generation.
Although some adults may have difficulty finding their inner child at times, I do not believe that all adults are obsolete...