Porject Proposal

The page content needs to inform the customers in detail, and conform to the type of audience in which the Website attracts. To produce the content to which will benefit, and grow businesses. The majority of the content will be in text along with some pictures to give visualization to the readers. Pictures are an important tool to convey a message to the readers. However, the pictures on the pages are to inform the reader of what the company offers. The need to limit the pictures in regard to not clutter up the page but to display a professional image to the audience is the goal.
    Although when creating a file name for a Website, while in the learning the process of and how to code file names of a Website. The file name does not have spaces, special symbols, or capital letters or numbers to start the name of a file. As an example of a file name is on the flowchart at the end of the assignment. In writing the file name as comments_surveys.html, or contacts.htm for the janitorial Website file name.
    The relationships of the Web pages need to conform to the links description. The smooth transfer of pages is important to provide information the reader is looking for. The graphics and logos need to be in uniform not to distract the audience to wonder if the page is from a different Website. If the customer needs information on contacts within the company, the link contacts should provide the information and not information contrary to the link. As the text states “Portal—Portals act as gateways to the Web and offer an array of services including searching, e-mail, shopping, news, and organized links to Web resources” (AXIA College University of Phoenix, n.d., p. 64). The information needs to be clear and concise to the viewing audience searching the information.

The choice in using the hierarchal flowchart to show the importance of what the customer needs and the detail to go along in the links provides information in detail to understand the process of...