The Better Popcorn
Project Plan/Problem Statement
The researcher is testing three different brands of popcorn (Orville Redenbacher’s, Act II, and Pop Weaver) to see which popcorn brand gives you the most popcorn for your money. The plan is to take three bags of popcorn form three different brands of popcorn and pop them in the same microwave on the popcorn setting so they are all heated the same length of time.   After popping each bag, the popcorn will be counted individually to determine which popcorn gives you most popped kernels for you money and how many unpopped kernels there are.   To get a better understanding of this the researcher will use three bags from each brand to get and over all percentage of good kernels.   By finding out which popcorn gives you the most for your money you will be able to maximize what you get and minimize what you spend to get it. The relevance of this testable question is to save money over all by getting the most for your money.
Literature Review
I have found two similar experiments on the internet.   Both researchers tested five brands of popcorn and just took into account which brand off popcorn yielded the least amount of unpopped kernels.   (Boyd, n.d.) (Unknown, n.d.)   Researcher #1 found that Act II had the least amount of unpopped kernels and researcher #2 found that Orville Redenbacher’s had the least amount of unpopped kernels.   These findings worked for them but I believe to find the best popcorn for you money you also need to know how many kernels you started with.   Without this information you cannot determine the best popcorn.   For example one brand might have the least number of unpopped kernels left but if you started with less popcorn of that brand to begin with it doesn’t make it the better popcorn.
Tools Needed  
    a. Three brands of popcorn (three bags each)
    b. One large cookie sheet
    c. One big bowl
    d. microwave (900 watts)

Experiment Design Steps
To do this experiment you will...