Market Industry

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      In the Philippines, small scale businesses like the food cart and kiosk businesses started in the early 1980’s. Since its fabrication, it has now evolved and grown into different styles and format which offer heterogeneous food products almost everywhere; of such are hotdog, popcorn, ice cream, dimsum, waffle, and the like, located near school campuses, train stations and even malls. Today, according to the Food Cart Association of the Philippines, with almost 10,000 food carts and kiosks proliferating in Mega Manila alone, the Philippines is now considered the Food Cart Capital of the World.

      Food carts and kiosks are portable and easy-to-set up sidewalk booths that offer accessible on-the-go foods to consumers. It has the capacity and facilities to cook and provide food for mobile customers. With low capital requirement and ease in management, many are encouraged to engage in this kind of business. An estimated annual sales of P1 billion manifests its success in the Philippine Food Industry.

The Enterprise
Itsutsu Partnership Philippines is a firm to be established by 5 proprietors. The entity name Itsutsu is a Japanese word which means five, the “five” proprietors. It exists to benefit its valued customers by providing quick and affordable snacks for everyone. It introduces OISHIKU©, translated as “delicious”, a product line of rice-stuffed meals that are Japanese-inspired cuisines.

Product Description
      OISHIKU© offers the market with a diversified rice-stuffed meals. The products introduced vary from the type of meat used in its production. Customers have three (3) options to choose from. They can choose from chicken covered rice ball, pork covered rice ball, and beef covered rice ball. Providing the consumers with wide range of choices, that adds...