Policy and Practice: Data Gathering

Policy and practice: data gathering

In my setting we aim to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the children and enable the parents to be reassured and feel confident enough to leave their children in our care. This is achieved by providing a healthy, hygienic and safe environment for children and adults by promoting a healthy lifestyle, good hygiene and safety through our day to day work with one another.
We strictly follow policies and procedures for health, safety and welfare, these include;
Health and safety, Behaviour management, Child protection, Confidentiality, Medication, Lost child, Sick child and Outings.
We follow the welfare requirements of the EYFS firstly by ensuring that all staff are experienced and qualified to work with children and have a current CRB check to ensure that staff are suitable to work with children. We have ongoing access to courses to enable us to extend and update on our current knowledge in the interest of the children.
The manager and other members of staff have attended a Child Protection course and update this regularly to enable them to implement the safeguarding children policy and procedure in the correct manner.
Safety checks are made at the beginning of every day to ensure that the children have a safe environment to come in to, as it states in the EYFS welfare requirements 'Children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure' ( EYFS, 2007, p19)
We ensure that all of the equipment used is safe and appropriate and that the children have enough room whilst playing to move freely and easily in a safe manner.
Records are kept of all safety checks, accidents and incidents and policies and procedures are kept out for parents and workers to look at regularly. This enables good management as we are able to review and look for ways to prevent recurring accidents from happening.
As it states in the EYFS 'Providers need to ensure that, as well as conducting a formal risk...