Chapter 4 Research Design and Methods

Description of the research design
Purpose of Research
The purpose of this research is to identify how frequent does the company make its capital budgeting and what are the necessary techniques used by them in choosing its projects.
This research also aims to know the relationship of its dependent variable to the effectiveness of the process of the company to its capital budgeting.
Unit of Analysis
The source of data or units of the observation or this research includes the organization and social artifacts. The organization it takes about the company primarily to its management personnel related to the capital budgeting process of the company
  1. Social Artifacts-business transactions such as purchasing of equipment and choosing projects.
Point of Focus
  1. Action-accounts of events undertaken by the company
Time dimension
  1. Cross-sectional- it required to examine the same projects in a given time and in a given set of techniques used to be a basis of its decision.
Classification of Research Design
Non-experimental design (case study)
Case study is an inquiry of a particular situation and that is the evaluation of the capital budgeting techniques used by the company. It is useful in evaluating the theories, techniques and models used in the practice.
Data-gathering methods
The researchers will choose as their data-gathering method by means of an interview. It aims to gather information that is relevant in making capital budgeting decisions. The company itself will be the interviewee.
Data-gathering instruments