And if you're wondering what 250 words looks like...
By This is Bath  |  Posted: July 08, 2010
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If you are wondering how long 250 words actually is, well, look no further.
This piece is exactly 250 words. Ok, it doesn't look that long and yet we are asking you to write a story of this length which will engage and entertain our readers.
Your story can follow any genre. Perhaps you think life at the Bath Chronicle is classic comedy material or perhaps you can sense a thriller? Of perhaps, you may use our introductory paragraph: 'It seemed like an ordinary day in the Bath Chronicle newsroom when suddenly…' to talk about a real or imagined big news story in the city.
You can also set it in whatever era in our 250 years you wish. We imagine most people will go for the present day but if you want to bring anyone from Jane Austen to Ralph Allen into the story then the choice is yours.

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Well, we are getting close to the limit already so if this was your story you must be well into the narrative by now. Has your tale gripped the reader yet? Will it appeal to the local people who will read it if it is printed in The Bath Chronicle? And, crucially, have you made sure you are not over or under the word limit?
As you can see 250 words isn't very long – but we think you could have great fun writing a story in this number of words.
And it could yield you £250 too.

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