My First Kiss

Moments to Remember/ Rough Draft Narrative
It was the last summer before my big move across the country, and there was no time left to be a coward. I waited anxiously on my bed as my two best friends, Lauren and Rochelle, were putting the finishing touches of mascara on. I was too nervous to even look in the mirror, so I sat on my bad and practically bit my nails off. You see, that night was going to be a monumental night for me.
I was fourteen years old at the time. My whole life I had always been somewhat of a tom-boy. Although I had more guy friends than most girls, I seemed to be a boyfriend repellant. However, the night I was about to face was going to change that. For the first time in my life I had a major crush on a guy. His name was Robbie, and by some unknown force of magic he had a crush on me too! This was the night I was going to get my first kiss.
Lauren and Rochelle had concocted a very mischievous plan to set my love life in motion. Before I knew it, they both turned and looked at my pitiful disposition and asked the scariest question: “Are you ready?”. I took and huge breath and forced a smile. The plan took action as we snuck out my bedroom window after we knew my mom would be asleep. We raced “Mission Impossible” style down my street, past the neighbors I’d known all my life. We were out of breath when we arrived at our previously agreed meeting spot. It was by a hole in the fence that guarded a run-down golf course.
Robbie was waiting for me with a smile, along with two of his friends. “Have a nice run?” he teased. Robbie had the advantage of being three years older and didn’t have to sneak out of his parent’s house.
The cold California night air was still. It felt as if the group and I were the only people awake in the world at this hour of the night. We all ran through the wet, dew filled grass as fast as we could. Leaving all our worries of the summer ending too soon behind us.
Robbie then pulled me aside so we could walk...