Planning to Meet Needs

Planning to meet the needs of learners. 4.1

My role as a trainer involves delivering courses to participants predominantly within the field of Health and Social Care.  
I employ a model based on the teaching/training cycle as follows:
• Identifying needs
• Planning and Design
• Deliver and Facilitating
• Assessment
• Evaluation

Identifying Needs
In order to identify the needs of my learners, a Needs Assessment is   executed at the outset of each course. This will not identify any specific difficulty in learning, but will establish what the expectation from each participant is from the course they are attending. I also allows me time to identify the individuals, learn names and effectively establish a positive working relationship from the outset of the course.
It is not possible to complete a literacy and/or numeracy test prior to commencement of the course as each individual is referred by their employer who has ultimate responsibility for this specific need. However, if it has been previously established that a   participant   may have a disability or experience a difficulty in learning, steps are   taken to remove any barriers that they may have in accessing the information given within the learning environment. This may be that I offer additional support to the individual, or ensure that appropriate materials are available for use at all times. The needs assessment also provides me with information about apprehensions that the learners may be experiencing and helps stimulate conversation from the outset of the course .A simple rule that I adopt is to ‘never assume’, and recognise my professional limitations and boundaries continually.
The teaching cycle is a continuous process and it is my responsibility to encourage individuals to become independent learners and a valued member of the learning environment. I feel it is important to develop a positive, respectful working relationship between myself and the participants on every course I deliver....