Piperalpha Disaster

Safety Management system HSG 65 or BS8800
A health and safety management system is very important in each company so as to safeguard the health and safety of the employees. When a company fails to have an effective system there can be a number of consequences. There are laws requiring proper safety standards in places of work, so if broken there are heavy penalties. The company could be forced to close down until it satisfies all safety protocols. The worst case is loss of life of employees or injuries that incapacitate them. Health and safety management systems are diverse and vary depending on the field of the particular company.
The Piper Alpha oil rig fire disaster that occurred on 6th July 1988 was an unfortunate example of the effects of an inadequate health and safety management system. The Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil producing platform which was owned by Occidental company. The disaster was the worst of its nature killing 167 of the employees. All this was preventable if a efficient health and safety management system was applied .Good examples of efficient health and safety management system is the BS8800 and HSG 65.In the UK, HSG 65 and BS8800 are the preferred health and safety management systems. These two systems have a well organized system that can be implemented in companies with the help of a health and safety consultant.
The systems recommend the management of the company and the employees playing active roles in the implementation of the system. Management is especially very important because it controls all aspects of the organization and will see to it that safety is assured in all levels of the organisation.The HSG65 system has all the following elements. The first is formulation of policy that specifies the vision and objectives of the company regarding health and safety of the employees. The Piper Alpha disaster would have been prevented if the management had well defined policy which the workers would have easily worked towards....