Natural Disasters

Natural disaster’s happen all the time its nature’s way of saying I’m angry.
Natural Disasters are effects of the natural hazard. For example things like flood, tornado, volcano eruption, earthquake, or landslide. A natural disaster is a phenomenon that can erupt at anytime. Natural disasters are extreme, sudden events caused by environmental factors that injure people and damage property they can strike anywhere on earth, often without warning.
These phenomenon’s occur because the movement of the tectonics, which are earthquakes, under water. For example volcanoes, geyser eruptions and tsunami can trigger one, it’s   a   disturbance on the crust of the earth. It can also happen because of some kind carelessness of humans [like global warming]. Disasters can never be predicted accurately, they can damage life and property badly if they are on a higher scale. The best way face a natural disaster is to be prepared to face it.
Natural disasters can happen anywhere on earth at anytime. Global warming is a big reason why we will continue to have them. The only way to stop them or slow them down is to cut out pollution.We are helping the earth to a quicker death.
In conclusion, natural disasters are real.   we need to come together as a people and cut down pollution and save lives.  Your first step is finding out the risks for the area where you live. Are tornadoes likely? What about floods? Preparing for an earthquake is quite different than preparing for a landslide. Educate yourself so you understand the warning signs of a natural disaster. Do not wait until an official announcement is made. A storm may cut out the power in the area, or you can be far from a radio or TV. Once you know what your risks are, you are ready to come up with a contingency plan.
The first step needed to survive a natural disaster unharmed is to have an evacuation plan that includes not only your family members but also your pets and your most valuable possessions, such as important...