Physical Education

Make-Up Assignment
          The title of   this article is "First Pickleball Leagues forming in Peoria." My source is and the article is from the Arizona Republic. The main point of this article is that pickle ball is becoming a more popular sport. The sport wasn't very common, but more people are starting to play. For example, there are leagues forming in Peoria. This is one way that the sport is becoming more popular. It is the first time their offering this opportunity in Peoria. The leagues will be held at Peoria Community center and are for both youth and adults.
To get people to join these leagues they said, " I warn you, once you try it, you will be hooked. Also, " It is easy for beginners to learn, but also gets completive for the experienced players."   I think that these quotes are saying that you should try the sport because it doesn't matter what age you are or how good you are. That's what's cool about pickle ball, it can be expressed in many different ways as a sport. It can be a youthful sport, an older sport, a competitive sport, a fun sport, or an easy sport. Their also saying that the people who have played pickle ball do like it. They enjoy playing, so this organization is trying to get other people to enjoy it too.
I think this article is important because it's interesting to see that people are trying to get other people involved in this sport. I didn't know that the sport was becoming more popular, so I learned a new fact from this article.   I thought Pickle ball was not that common, so it's cool to see leagues being formed. This relates to our unit because we are playing pickle ball as a class and practicing two to three times a day. These leagues are playing pickle ball with other people and   practices/matches are 2 days a week. Ages 9 through 15 is the youth, so kids our age are playing. Also this article is one way that the sport is becoming more popular. By having pickle ball as a unit in P.E., we're spreading...