The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Health

TASK 2   Part A
                          Discuss the relationship between physical activity and health.

People’s definition of health varies due to education, cultural and social influences.
But the main definition known worldwide is in order to be completely healthy a person must be socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy as well as physically. I have been taught this through high school in the form of Hauora a Maori philosophy of health and well being unique to New Zealand.

All five aspects deal with different areas. The physical aspect of hauora does not just mean whether or not someone exercises regularly and is fit; it is also about how our bodies move and how we look after ourselves. The mental and emotional health aspect looks at how we think and feel about things. The social aspect is about friends and family and spiritual is about what we think is important in life.

Physical activity can be lots of different things, sports, fitness, outdoor activities such as rock climbing etc. But physical exercise is more specific and is based more on activities that you do in order to improve in a certain area for instance your fitness through running or your strength by doing weights.

Physical activity and exercise definitely have a role in whether or not someone is healthy, but it isn’t the only thing. Physical activity and exercise can also contribute to a person’s health and a lot of the time being physically active and fit can also affect the social mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health.   Being involved in a sports team or group for example can influence your social health by making new friends and having a sense of teamwork. It can influence a person mentally and emotionally because of the team’s performance and feelings when the team is doing well as well as if the person has played well.

This can also work the other way, if nothing is going right and the person
is doing poorly then it will have a negative effect...