Physical Education and Sports Coaching

  1. Briefly explain the relationship between physical education and sport. (5)
  2. Which test is used to evaluate a child’s posture? Explain. (5)
  3. Why is knowledge regarding the structure and functioning of the body so important to the physical education teacher and coach? (5)
  4. What is integration as it relates to sport? Explain. (5)
  5. Describe the teaching progression that is best suited for a child during early childhood. (5)
  6. Name five instances in which a physical education teacher can be found guilty of negligence. (5)
  7. Your coaching, athletes and school sport, benefits from improving school-community links. Include strategies on how to link school sport programmes with the community, with regards to the following: Parents (5)
  8. Mention five guidelines for the setting of goals. (5)
  9. Find an appropriate newspaper article on the use of steroids/stimulants/supplements in school sport in South Africa. What is your opinion regarding the use of steroids and supplements in school sport?         (10)

  1. While Physical education has a unique, non-exclusive role to play in the education of learners, it is nevertheless there to enhance learners’ physical fitness and well-being, and to teach them a wide variety of motor skills.
  * It therefore must contribute to the shared goals of education through its activities and experiences. This means improving self-direction, self-esteem and cooperative behaviour.

  * So physical education is a programme in which skills used in sport is taught and practised, without the competitive environment thereof.

  * Sport however is an international language, as it may. This part of physical education is within a competitive framework and is practised in various forms.
  * These form of sport may be for recreation purposes or even as advanced as highly competitive sport. Sport is the niche wherein the...