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It can be seen that for the sport of football I have chosen to adopt a 3-5-2 formation for my team at Bolton Wanderers International Soccer School, as they are too defensive minded and this new formation will ensure they have a more attacking approach to competition. I will show I intend to prepare the team to execute the tactical system in competition, through the use of technical sessions, physical sessions and what psychological aspects I will include.

Research has suggested that it is not simply the total amount of practice that is important, but the nature of experiences during practice that is critical to the acquisition of expertise (Côté, Baker, & Abernethy, 2007). Showing how the nature of what is incorporated into the technical, physical and psychological practices will result in the implementation of the tactical system being successful.

The Formation (3-5-2)
How this will be utilised with the team, it would be useful to first begin with a review of the basic concepts in football, before dwelling in detail in a discussion of football strategy and tactics.
As might be expected, most coaches have an idea about their team’s capability. This capability is estimated according to physical-technical tests, the coach’s experience with the team, or a combination of the two. Forming an idea about the team’s capability, a coach then defines the appropriate strategy.
To formulate a strategy, a coach must answer these questions:
• Is our team an offensive team or defensive?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of our team in defence?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of our team in offence?

Attacking In Central Areas
After identifying the proposed tactical system which will be adopted by my team,   the technical sessions which will have to be utilised in order for player’s to be understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the formation have to be notified.

Attacking and in central areas is a technical session which is...