Philosphy Paper for Entrance Into Teaching Program

I desire to become a teacher that is able to incorporate every child, no matter the disability or cultural difference, into my classroom and give them the ability to excel and meet their full potential. The image that I create in a child of what learning is like is the image they will hold about learning throughout their entire education. My role as a teacher is to give children the tools they need to excel in the classroom and to also succeed in life.
    The person that has influenced my views on education is John Dewey and his view of helping to develop the whole student. I believe it is my role as an educator to not just help a child academically, but to help develop the whole child; physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. If I give a child the tools needed to make it in every area of their life, then I believe that the child will be successful in school and the rest of their life as well.
    It is my goal to give the students in my class assignments that reflect real world problems; which reflects Progressivism. I want to give them hands on experiences and the tools they need to face and solve real life problems. One way I want to stimulate the real world is by providing group projects that help cause the students to see other students’ points of view other than their own; especially in a cultural diverse class, it is very important to help them collaborate with other children’s ideas.
    I am excited to be able to help give children the tools needed to learn and to make it in life. I desire to make my classroom both fun and engaging for all children. I want every child in my class to be able to meet and exceed their full potential. I want to create such a positive view on learning so that the children will view learning as fun the rest of their lives. I believe if I can give them these tools, at the beginning of their education, it will carry with them throughout the remainder of their education; and they will continue to excel because...