Teaching Philosophy Essay

My Teaching Philosophy

Learning is the fundamental right of every student. To provide this fundamental right, students should be provided the best teachers possible. Teachers should be able to give each student the proper degree of learning, respect to one’s self and others, a well-rounded curriculum and an environment that is nurturing and resourceful. A teacher should reflect a positive attitude toward all her pupils as well as other educators, colleagues, principal and school staff. As a teacher I intend to provide my students and others with all these things.
Since I have a specialized teaching program, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), I will be working with children and adults that come from different backgrounds and cultures. Whether I am teaching students that have immigrated to the United States or I am teaching in their own country, I must always be aware and sensitive to their cultural beliefs and ways. By researching each of my ESL students’ specific backgrounds I can know what they expect of a teacher and how to interact with them. This will do well when having to interact with the parents of my students too.
Each child is “an island unto themselves,” but when cultural backgrounds and language barriers co-mingle a teacher must go the extra mile to provide a well-rounded environment so that the student is comfortable and not distracted too easily by unfamiliar things. This is my goal in teaching here in the U.S. and abroad. By providing the proper classroom with the flag of the ESL students, conducting myself as closely to other teachers in their environment, following cultural guidelines (such as bowing) and many other things is what I intend to provide for my students.
Though I have not as yet formally taught ESL, I intend to build upon the ESL related literature and knowledge that I will gain from my TESOL training and studies. I wish to provide for my students a supportive learning environment, help them achieve competence...