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Online Resources



December 6th, 2009

The Center for Writing Excellence has many tools to assist us on our studies while attending Axia College online. In addition to Writepoint and the Plagiarism Checker there are other helpful resources to use. Grammar and Writing guides is a useful tool that contains a grammar glossary that defines and explains the terms of English grammar. This tool is also useful for English language learners. There are examples and interactive quizzes that you can take. Other sections include, Writing Styles that is used for learning how to format a paper. Grammar Mechanics which teaches you the rules of grammar in writing, and a Plagiarism Guide that helps you to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid doing it in written assignments. There are also some other useful resources on the CWE such as Sample Papers for learning how to format papers, Essay Development for teaching you the writing process from beginning to end and last but not least Software Tutorials and guides that help you learn some Microsoft programs such as PowerPoint which we will be using to turn in our final project.

As far as my studies are concerned I will be using the Center for Writing Excellence for help on my assignments and also if I need to write a letter or prepare a resume. There are two online resources that I think will be most useful in helping me build my writing skills. The first being the Grammar and Writing Guides because I feel it will help me develop the writing skills that I will need in my future for whatever I might end up doing. Secondly I will be using the software tutorial which I feel will help me learn the Microsoft programs that I will be using throughout my attendance at Axia College as well as in any career I will be choosing.

I have a perfect example of how the Center for Writing Excellence works. I submitted my paper from Week One Checkpoint that I wrote for my final project to WritePoint and the...