Philosophy of Education


The Christian Leadership School should be organized and structured in accordance with the current edition of the Christian Leadership Manual published by the Sunday School publishing Board NBC, USA. Inc.

Our Christian Leadership School is organized and structured as follows.

1. Director - Responsible for overall planning and coordinating all activities for the School under the direction of the Pastor and the Chariman of the Board of Christian Education. We established committees to wexcute these plans.

2. Planning Committee -   Our School is held in January each year. We have several meeting through out the year to plan and check progress of our plan. (See attached program for our committee structure).

3. Registration Committee - This committee is responsible for preparing and disturbing course surveys to detrime courses to be offered. After courses have bee selected they distribute registration forms during our pre-registration period approximately 30 days before our school begins. After the school convenes the registration committee continues to register students on site, pass out class attendance rosters, surveys, course evaluation forms and perform other administrative duties.

4. Publicity- This person is responsible for getting the word out concering our School date, courses offered and class schedule through letters to all 13th District Churches. We also use flyers, announcements during Sunday morning service and newspaper ads. The Publicity person also makes signs for registration, deans office and class room locations.

5. Program - This person prepares and prints the program for our school.

6. Refreshment- Prepares and serves a delicious snack each night for the student and staff.

1. Director - Plans and coordinates seminars, workshop and activities for our youth.