Philosophy of Education


    The responsibilities that educators have in the education field are to teach our students the basic training skills needed to be successful in the future. As an educator I will be involved in classroom instruction, grading papers, taking attendance, planning lesson plans around activities, readings and projects that will not only teach, but also engage. Without engagement, students are not likely to have a positive learning experience. I will make sure that every child is involved and no child is left behind.
    As a future educator I will modify instructional methods by using a wide range of teaching styles for the academic achievement of all my students. I will seek the need to self-motive my students learning skills; explore their academic, cultural, and social need, which makes these central to the classroom experience.
    As a future educator I will help students understand, investigate, learn, and determine how the knowledge process influences in discipline. I will use teaching methods and materials to reduce student prejudice, and work to create a school culture that empowers all students especially those from minority groups. I will engage all students in learning which is a goal of mine. When I become an educator I will also be a mentor, who is a trusted and experienced advisor that has direct interest in the development and education of another individual. I want to encourage and motivate my students as well as maintaining a constructive and caring manner towards their needs.
    As an educator I will be very social, orderliness, and practical. I enjoy helping others and appreciating their needs and values as an individual. I am very orderly, which I keep things in their proper place, which makes the classroom environment more flexible. I am very practical which I show my students practical and efficient ways of doing different varieties of activities.
I am an educator and am involved in a classroom instruction,...