Phase 3

Marketing Plan: Phase III
Allergy Be-Gone is a product that will help the consumer create a non-allergic state of mind. Compounding is a process that provides pet owners the option of administering this medication so pets can be among them. The product life cycle affects the marketing for pet medication in the form of a pet treat. Identifying the positioning and differentiation strategies determines identifying the appropriate price strategy.
Allergy Be-Gone will be the next product on the market that will help fight the allergies associated with pets. Team C has developed an all-natural, safe, and long-lasting pill that could also be helpful in fighting the common allergies associated with seasonal changes. The chemicals in the product are natural and have the same power as the current allergy medicines over the counter. The product itself will be housed in white box with blue and yellow writing; the front will appeal to the eye much like the other leading allergy medicines. The yellow writing brings a happy bright feeling to the package, while the blue writing will help the product calm the appearance and promote the trustworthiness Pet Palace wants to uphold. The white part of the box symbolizes the products cleanliness and freshness. This product will first appeal to our animal lovers but overtime will be introduced to a larger market with allergy issues. This pill will be white in color, small, and round. The product works for a full 24-hour period on most adults and will not exceed $6.50 in price. The package will include 30 tablets to last a full month. This should appeal to the market and provide a productive, cheap product that everyone can afford.
The brand is backed by an honest and well-known firm, which appeals to the consumer who appreciates honesty. The data collected on our research will be published and sealed by the best labs in the country and will provide evidence to prove of the safe product. Team C has done extensive research and feels...