The Teenage Years Are the Most Carefree Phase of One’S Life.” Do You Agree with This Statement?

The teenage years are the most carefree phase of one’s life.” Do you agree with this statement?
“Young people don’t know what age is, and old people forget what youth was.” When I was younger, my mother always told me how wonderful life would be once I hit the long awaited age of 13. Such perennial clichés like ‘the teenage years would be the best times of your lives’ have been unloaded onto me by adults as though it was their job to. Unfortunately I, as with many other teenagers I believe, had been influenced by their many life stories that I spent a relatively long time anticipating for that 13 candles erected on my birthday cake. Then hurrah, for when that day finally arrived, I had high hopes for the magical moments to slowly slip into my life. It has been a rather long time now since that day and presently, I have to admit that things had not exactly gone the way I had wanted it to. Moreover, I was not expecting teenage angst and rebellion to kick in so quickly, together with the incessant nagging and the never ending expectations set upon me by higher authorities. Therefore, I only agree that the teenage years are the most carefree phase of one’s life to a small extent.
Firstly, a reason why the teenage years are still carefree for most of us is because the responsibility to support the family is not on our shoulders. We do not have to work for long hours, six days a week just to get the income to raise our loved ones. We do not have to meet deadlines for office work, get reprimanded by bosses or feel the stress of the competitiveness in the working industry. Instead, we depend on our parents. We get pocket money for school, allowance for trips with friends and free food from the kitchen. Our parents are the ones carrying this responsibility and we do not really have to fret much over whether there’s enough money for meals the next week. We just carry on with our usual lives of being a teenager. This is why adults call our lives carefree, because we do not...