Pgce Secondary - Personal Statement

Reflecting on my recent MSC study, I think that I may possibly never have reached my true potential without the inspired teachers who truly care. The MSC course was tough for me as I worked full-time and also looked after my two year old daughter. My lecturer and dissertation supervisor helped me when I needed academic support. He also inspired me to think that everything is possible.
I believe teaching will offer me the challenge and job satisfaction which I seek from my career. I am very keen to be a Secondary Computing teacher. I also believe the knowledge and skills I gained from my past studies and work experience will contribute to a teaching career. I believe I have the right abilities and attitudes to make that difference in young peoples’ lives.
I have work experience in different business industries and a wide knowledge and skills of various software and database applications. I have excellent analytical and numerical skills demonstrated by my successful studies, coupled with strong communication skills developed through experience in Business to Business (B2B) customer service work in the energy sector. I am highly adaptable and team focused and I work well under pressure, skills that were tested and improved by my previous work in the utility consulting firm. I worked as VDU Operator and then EMS Account Manager for Energy Consulting firm from 2008. As a part of the job, I also trained new and current staff members from different departments to improve inter departmental knowledge. I found that I enjoyed mentoring. I always listen to trainees' feedback and I try to improve my training materials and lessons delivery methods.
My mother is an English teacher in public schools and my father is a Mathematics teacher in Myanmar. He also runs a business, "GCSE Equivalent training provider." After I completed my GCSE equivalent study, I worked as a private tutor for the students who need extra help for their GCSE equivalent studies. I also worked part time...