Personal Statements for Science Students

Personal Statement
When I was a child, I made a visit to a hospital in our city named “Dhaka Medical College Hospital” of Bangladesh where I had a horrible experience in the early stages of my life. Large number of people were lying here and there, and as a third world country hospital there was no proper treatment. Their helpless eyes made me gloomy and penitent. One thing that strokes me was the lack of medicine. In some cases, there were medicine and treatments, but people were deprived of drugs and remained untreated for the high price. I was in the hospital for visiting a woman of our neighborhood with my mother, and she had the same condition too. My mother helped her, but other people’s helpless eyes ingrained in my memory forever. In my childhood people near me frequently asked me the same question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I thought about the question repeatedly. Every time there was a single answer “I want to vanish those helpless eyes of untreated people”. On that day, my little heart made its decision; I was determined to work in the health sector for those hapless people’s helpless eyes.
In the third world country, life is full of hurdles and struggles. My father passed away when I was a kid, and my mother was at a tough time with our family. She was hardly able to manage essential things for me and my sister through her job. Hurdles never stopped me from my dream of working for those helpless eyes. As I grew up and passed my primary education, secondary education and finally higher secondary, I was in a position to make my dream true as a researcher for medicine deprived people. I understood that, for the development of medicine at an affordable cost and proper treatment, there is no other way of innovative research and invention. To make my dream come true, I was in a competition of admission test for the best University of the country where around 30 students fight for one seat. I worked ardently and finally got the 28th place...