Pga-Personal Growth Assesssment


My career objectives are:
5 years: To have earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, working towards my master’s, and volunteering with the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services.
10 years: Have my Master of Science in social Work from University of Texas at Austin and working as a Research Administrator at The center for Social Work Research (CSWR) at UT.

My work setting would be:
Immediately upon Graduation: I would like a challenging work setting, preferably as research assistant in which I would participate in the design , execution, and analysis of social work research. I would manage data collections for projects as well. Volunteering and interning with the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective services.
Following my Master’s degree (5 years later): I would like to be an Administering Researcher in which I would design projects and collect and analyze findings through the managing of my own team at The Center for Social Work Research.
Assessment of Managerial Strengths and Weaknesses:
In the book “Now Discover Your Strengths” by Buckingham and Clifton, the definition of strength is a “consistent near perfect performance in an activity.” The point in controlling strengths is to take advantage of them. Use them to the best of your ability when and where ever. Some of my own strengths and weaknesses are:
ADAPTABILITY: “is one who is especially adept at accommodating to changes in direction/plan”. That is strength because I can adapt to any work setting and/or changes in projects. I am very go with the flow in life and that is the same for work.
BELIEF: “one who strives to find some ultimate meaning behind everything they do”
I consider belief to be more of a weakness because I think I believe in my values too much at work. Being mixed up with such different people of different backgrounds is a good thing, like I said before I am very adaptable but my beliefs are not the same as everyone...