Personal Values

“Personal values are the beliefs, values, and philosophies that we hold about life, its purpose, and our own purpose” (Westman, 2009, para. 1). These values evolve over time and are based on teachings and observations from various people in our lives. Personal value traits, such as honesty, integrity, and dependability define our character and are the driving force for our behavior. In addition, professional values are an extension of one’s personal values that guide and influence a person’s work behavior. Therefore, it is important for a person to make sure that his or her personal values are in sync with a company’s defined values and business practices. Doing so will result in continued commitment to activities and tasks while maintaining motivation. Using the results from the Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment test, I will compare how my personal values align with the organizational values of Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) and how these values would affect my performance as a manager at KFF.
Awareness Inventory Assessment
My Ethical Awareness Profile, according to the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment (n.d.), is most closely aligned with (O) Obligation. The following is a scoring summary of my ethical profile:
Character Obligation Results Equity Row Totals
Most 5 10 4 4 = 24
Least 5 1 7 11   = 24
Combined Score 0 10 -3 -7 = 0

The ethical profile of observation means that I have a tendency to determine if a person’s actions are ethical based on the intent behind his or her actions, not the results. From this perspective, “ethical principles must be: (a) appropriate under any circumstances, (b) respectful of human dignity, and (c) committed to promoting individual freedom and autonomy” (Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, n.d., para. 1). Because I am sensitive to those who do not receive equal treatment, I want the best for each individual rather than the society as a whole. As a manager, I would encourage personal...