Pestle Analysis


1.1 Organisation

Birmingham City Council (BCC) is Europe’s largest council, employing some 55,000 staff.   BCC has embarked upon the largest business transformation programme to revolutionise the way that council delivers the services to it’s service users and stakeholders.   The business plan in a longer term seeks to save money over next 10 years and to find a new and better way of working as a corporate organisation and deliver efficient service to the citizens of Birmingham.   Bcc online. 27th March 2010. (hptt://

1.2 My Role
I joined Birmingham City Council (BCC) in 2000 and in 2008 I transferred to
Human Resources (HR) as a HR Assistant, My role is to provide professional
and friendly service to employees.   The new structure has not yet been fully
implicated as my job role remains the same.


The reason for PESTLE analysis is looking at external facilities and how does it affect BCC.

Pestle Heading Current/forthcoming issues Impact on the organisation
POLITICAL After 2 decades of Labour rule, Conservative and Liberal Democratic took control of BCC.
The local elections are in May 2010 and General Election. Conservative cuts the expenditure immediately due to budget cuts from the central government.
BCC debt to recover expenditure in next few years.
ECONOMIC The UK recession has lead to highest unemployment figures
Public borrowing, due to
National debt the Central Government has cut the budget for the Local authority.   However this impacts on BCC expenditure. BCC has overspent and are in debt, the recovery period is 10 years to save money this mean more job cuts and redundancy in the workforce.

SOCIAL More strain on old people service,
Closing down of the nursing homes.

Safeguarding Children Services Closing down of care homes due to not meeting to the government standards and cost implications of renovating....