Pespi vs. Coke



MARCH 10, 2011


      PepsiCo and Coca Cola Ent. are the largest beverage companies in the world.   For years this companies have had a lifelong competition claiming to better than each other. How do you determine who is a better company?   The decision can be made by taste, location, coveinent, social responsibility and financial position. Every time a consumer buys a bottle they invest in that company and they chose which is better. Both companies are well known household names and been around for years servicing the community making a brand for itself.

      PepsiCo the larger of the two companies is not only in the beverage industry they also provide snacks and food. In 1960’s when Pepsi Co was founded they launched carbonated drinks as well as Frito Lay chips.   They entered the market with Pepsi- Cola, Diet Pepsi and Mountain Dew.   Later Pepsi entered the global market like Japan and Eastern Europe servicing those countries with a taste of PepsiCo. The blue, red, and white were introduced with the slogan “You got to live, Pepsi got to give “as the campaign theme in 1969. The next year PepsiCo reaches the billion dollar mark and accumulated 36,000 employees. Headquarters moved to New York City an introduced the two liter bottle, first company to respond to the consumer preferences.   1975 the Pepsi Challenge launched in Dallas, TX asking consumers who had the best tasting Cola. PepsiCo expanded into the fast food industry purchasing Pizza Hut and along came Taco Bell and KFC.   PepsiCo grew on a very fast pace now they are bringing in $60 billion in revenue and has 250,000 employees working to keep them at the top. (

      Coca Cola was founded many years before Pepsi. The first appearance of Coca-Cola in a small pharmacy in Atlanta, GA and sold for 5 cent a glass. In 1899 Atlanta Pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton began selling...